Databridge is a Telecoms and Professional Services Group that supports enterprises / corporations, starting-off businesses, and government.

Databridge offers the following professional services:

  • Engineering services, Design etc
  • ICT services, Network Design & Implementation, Systems Maintenance
  • ICT Consultancy (IT Auditing, IT Strategy)
  • Local Area and Wide Area Networks
  • Security and Monitoring solutions, Cloud based Solutions
  • Fibre – Last Mile Connectivity
  • Risk Assessment
  • IT Project Management
  • Media and Marketing
  • ERP Software implementations
  • Revenue Management Solutions integrated to Smart Water and Electricity Meter Solutions

With professional Project Management, provide turnkey solutions that targets private sector, government departments and NGO’s to carry out IT needs from start to finish.

National ICASA licencses (IECNS and IECS) we provide internet access to businesses and corporates complemented by our partnerships with licensed Telecommunication companies. Internet access ranges from Dial-Up, ADSL, ISDN, Satellite, and T1. All internet access includes hosting and emails. We also hold licences for enabling energy solutions and off grid sanitation systems.

Through our partners we offer competitive Web-Design, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, and Business Packages.